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Investor Readiness: A practical guide for companies seeking venture capital funding

A practical guide to the venture capital perspective, for entrepreneurs in early stage companies.  This guide helps management think through the different elements that must be orchestrated to increase the likelihood of raising capital and building long term success (pdf)

Understanding India: Technology, Innovation and Capital Sep 05
India is currently generating high levels of interest and expectation in the worlds of business, technology and investment.  So, what is the reality on the ground?  Does India provide the right environment for companies to be succesful?  Will it emerge as a leading industrialised power and a driver of technology innovation? (more)

Mobile Advertising Jul 05
Over two months, Jay looked at how the advertising industry is evolving in response to the emergence of internet and mobile media.  This study for a leading telecoms player covered the fragmentation of audiences, the growing importance of media buying, the emergence of new players in the value chain, likely developments, and innovative experiments in mobile advertising.  This report is not publicly available.

Singapore: The Role of Government in Promoting IT and Biotech Apr 02
Singapore's well planned economy has emerged to become one of Asia's most successful models for economic development and quality of life. The government is now taking ambitious steps to promote IT and biotechnology. But in a rapidly changing global context, how appropriate is a planned economy, and how effective can the measures be? (more)

UK Centres of Innovation and Opportunity Nov 01
Over three months, Jay Marathe visited UK university and corporate labs with strong research and a track record of spinning out commercially succesful start-ups. Here, he analysed best practices and built ongoing relationships on behalf of the ventures arm of one of Europe's largest media companies. This report is not publicly available.

Digital Video Recorders & The Connected Home Jun 01
Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are set to transform the way we consume television, with impacts for broadcasters, viewers and advertisers. Could they also form the foundation for the connected home? These slides accompanied Jay's talks at industry conferences (with thanks to Jerel Whittingham) (slides)

So, what have we learned ? Apr 01
It is clear that in recent years we have seen a tremendous boom and bust in investor appetite for internet related stocks. The market is now seeing a shift from venture capitalists to established corporations as key source of funding. In fact, coporate venturing by established companies is resulting in some of the most interesting, well thought out and robust new businesses in the current market (more)

Impacts of digital distribution on the music industry Jan 01
The music industry is going through a tremendous cycle of discovery and change as digital distribution raises fundamental issues about its future. In this paper, Jay Marathe examines the impacts of digital distribution on the music value chain, and considers the implications for consumers. (more)

The broadband content fallacy Nov 00
Will the internet be radical enough to change the very nature of the entertainment we consume? (more)

Are there opportunities for start-ups in digital music? Sep 00
During the heady days of 1998/99, numerous music start-ups were created to capitalise on the perceived opportunity to offer digital downloads. It now appears that many of these have made slow progress and are having difficulty in raising money. So, will digital music happen? (more)

Digital music comes of age Aug 00
Judge Patel has made an interim ruling that Napster should prevent users from accessing copyright material through its index of digital music. Will this help digital music to come of age? (more)

The end of the internet? Mar 00
While the stock markets may have seen significant short term ups and downs, Durlacher's investment philosophy is unequivocally focussed on long term growth opportunities in early stage companies (more)

Can the UK be the world's leading e-commerce environment? Feb 00
So, Tony Blair has declared that the UK should be the world's best e-trading environment by 2002, and we now have an e-minister (looking at Britain's e-commerce policy) and an e-envoy (championing e-business within government). But are the components in place for that goal to be achieved? (more)

AOL-Time Warner: implications for Europe Jan 00
What are the implications of AOL Time Warner merger announcement for Europe? In the United States, the primary convergence play centres around broadband connectivity. In Europe, the development of mainstream broadband networks is slightly further away. The immediate convergence opportunity here surrounds mobile data.(more)

Signs of trouble in the technology start-up market Dec 00
Positive sentiment means a soaring IPO environment and more success stories to fuel money into the tech sector. While this is a good thing, we see a trend that is sounding alarm bells. The quality of business plans is declining and band-wagon jumping has reached endemic levels. The inevitable failure of many current internet start-ups and a loss of investor confidence in the sector could seriously undermine the UK internet. (more)

Creating Community Online Nov 99
In this article we argue that communities are not simply a 'nice to have' adjunct for a web-based business, but that their creation is central to a sustainable business model.  Community will become an increasingly important part of second-generation internet services, and will be more tightly integrated with the content and commerce elements of a site.  This article examines what comprises online community, explains why a siteshould develop online community, and examines how communities may be developed. (more)

Online Trading in the UK Mar 99
There is fierce competition in the UK online trading market. Set this against a backdrop of fierce price competition that is bringing commissions to the £5-£10 range, and you have a picture of margins that are not just razor thin, but perhaps non existent! So, why the hullabaloo as online trading firms fight for these scraps? The answer lies in adopting a different view of the customer. (more)

 Internet Portals Jan 99
The growth in the concept of the portal site was one of the internet phenomena of the past year. In addition to the major search engines, a growing number of smaller special interest sites have been expanding their content and providing peripheral services in order to become portals. During 1999 we believe you will see increased customisation and personalisation of portal sites, and beyond, we see the portal extending outside the browser to provide information to a wider variety of client applications and devices. (more)