Ventures: Funding and Building Businesses
Jay has experience in the conception, creation, funding, growth and development of new ideas - bringing companies to market. He is networked within the US and UK investment communities and has closely followed the technology investment markets since 1995. He has worked closely with start-up companies and with corporate ventures, and has experience with both successful exits and closures of start-up companies.

(ventures arm of Vivendi Universal): Identified leading UK research laboratories and best practices in spinning out commercially succesful companies.  Built relationships with innovation departments.

Durlacher: Made investment decisions of upto £10 million in start-up companies.  Worked hands on with entrepreneurial management teams to grow businesses and create value.

Aloe Private Equity : Worked closely with start-up companies to develop strategies, deliver product roadmaps, build partnerships, recruit senior management teams and position for growth and exit. Identified investment opportunities

Articles and papers:

Understanding India: Technology, Innovation, and Capital

Investor Readiness

Singapore: The Role of Government in IT and Biotech

UK centres of innovation and opportunity
So, what have we learned ?
The end of the internet?
Signs of trouble in the technology start-up market

Environmental Technologies
Jay works with early stage companies and investors in environmental technologies, including those in the fields of energy efficiency, emission reduction, and renewable energy. He has worked with one of the UK's largest investors in cleantech, and is currently building a network of early stage companies seeking funding in this space.

Aloe Private Equity:
Spent 15 months working with Aloe Private Equity, one of the UK's largest investors in early stage cleantech. Investments made during this time covered thermal waste disposal, flue gas purification, water and wastewater treatment, and plastics recycling.
SetSquared (universities of Surrey, Bath, Bristol and Southampton): Investigated market viability of a US based emission reduction technology.
InnovationBlog: Runs, featuring video interviews with investors, regulators and entrepreneurs in environmental and information technologies. Provides commentary on issues related to innovation, entrepreneurship and the environment.

Aloe Private Equity

Media and Convergence
Jay has extensive experience in digital convergence, covering media content and its distribution over digital networks.  He has worked with content providers in music, television, film, video and web.  He has experience of content distribution models over wireless networks (2G, 3G, Wi-Fi), cable, satellite and terrestrial broadcast (including VOD and PVR), and broadband internet.

(formerly Telstar): Developed strategy for positioning as a a hub within the digital music value chain.

Channel Four: Discussed impacts of digital video storage in the home.

TiVO: Discussed partnership strategy in Europe.

MSN: Conducted competitive analysis.  Developed strategy for building and retaining UK portal leadership.

3COM: Provided strategic advice during merger with US Robotics.

Durlacher: Spoke at conferences and provided on air expertise to BBC, Bloomberg and CNBC on developments in digital music and digital local storage.

Articles and papers
Digital video recorders and the connected home

Impacts of digital distribution on the music industry
The broadband content fallacy
Are there opportunities for start-ups in digital music?
Digital music comes of age

Mobile Communications
Jay has expertise in next generation mobile network technologies including GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and Wireless LAN, together with the applications and services that these technologies make possible. He has advised leading corporations including global media companies and European telcos on their mobile strategies.

: Developed strategy and investment plan for digital rights technology for mobile music.

Orange: Analysed future of mobile music, video and games.

Telefonica: Provided advice and analysis on mobile payment systems.

BT (now O2): Discussed posiitioning and role of operator in mobile games value chain.

Sonera: Analysed ASP market and identified potential acquisition opportunities in Europe.

Atlas Venture: Analysed a market and a specific technology in the telecommunications space.

Motorola: Examined opportunities presented by the emergence of mobile advertising.  Identified a role and suitable partnerships for Motorola.

Articles and papers:

Mobile Advertising

AOL-Time Warner: mobile implications for Europe

Electronic Commerce
Jay has studied various e-commerce / e-retail markets including financial services, online stockbroking, clothing and luxury goods. He has provided strategic consulting advice to a physcial world retailers and e-commerce pioneers, as well as internet infrastructure firms. He has also assisted a number of start-up companies with the development of online community and the creation of viable commercial models.

Marks and Spencer
: Developed e-commerce investment plan and growth strategy for presentation to the board.  Advised on partnership with AOL.

Inktomi:   Developed partnership strategy and revenue models for Inktomi shopping engine in five European countries.

Trinity Mirror: Developed strategy for deriving e-commerce and mobile revenues from IC24 portal network.

Durlacher: Worked with numerous start-up companies including Netimperative, DoBeDo, Dating Direct, iVenus, Popworld and Shopsmart to develop business models for online content and services.

Articles and papers:
What next for online trading ?

Creating Community Online
Online Trading in the UK

Internet Portals

Strategy Consulting
Jay built a management consulting practice from the ground up at Durlacher, managing a team that advised leading technology firms, Global 500 companies, and new ventures.  In addition he has conducted numerous consulting assignments in an independent capacity for technology, media and telecommunications clients, as well as venture capital firms.